ICT in the classroom at Grovedale Primary School is an integral part of what we do; teaching with it, learning with it and also using it for administrative purposes. The staff at Grovedale Primary School, are strong advocates of the potential of Web 2.0 and social learning to empower learners from all walks of life and cultures. The past few years have seen our school focus on the implementation of ICT across the curriculum in our classrooms through the use of such tools as netbooks, IPads, and IPods.  As a staff we have gathered many great resources to use, and feel that we can get the best out of the students learning with our understanding and competencies in using digital technologies. We integrate technology in our classrooms for many reasons and in many ways:
• Connecting students to quality content, passionate experts and co-learners.
• Communicating by having students publish their own content to present their achievements and reflect upon their ideas and understanding.
• Collaborating by having  students becoming active online learners.
• Learning Collectively by having  students join quadblogs and sharing knowledge with classrooms across the globe.
• As a tool for motivating students to learn in a different way.
• As a resource that gives learners immediate access to richer source materials.
• For enhancing motivation and creativity by confronting students with new learning environments.