‘A Path to Success’

Grovedale Primary School is situated in the Grovedale East-Marshall area, seven kilometres from the city centre with an enrolment of approximately 240 students. The school has served the Grovedale community since 1855 and has been located on the current site since 1865. The area around the school still retains a rural aspect although increased suburban growth is encroaching upon the area.

A major residential development is taking shape within sight of the school. Another nearby tract of land has also recently been rezoned as residential and is earmarked for imminent development.

The future is bright for our school with the promise of an influx of young families into the area. Owing to the semi-rural nature of the area, the school is the centre of community activity, with many parents making contact when driving their children to and from school. This results in a fairly close-knit school community with a high level of parental involvement in school programs and activities. There is strong community support in the school with parents involved in all areas of school management and operations.

Grovedale Primary School is a school which has a strong knowledgeable staff who support the needs of all students in a collaborative manner.

‘A school that offers a dynamic learning environment with a small school feel’

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